Product features:

● Good performance and stable permeate quality, the feed water SS can be up to 60-80mg/l.
● Space saving and reliable operation, low installed power and energy saving.
● System head loss is no more than 0.3m.
● Fully automatic operation.
● Modular design for simply installation and maintenance, replacement of disc cloth is more convenient.
● High filtration precision, disc cloth micron rating from 5μm to 20μm according to requirements.

Technical parameter: Detailed parameters >

Capacity (m³/h)28~35
Disc Diameter (mm)Φ2000
Number of Discs3~23
Filtration Area (㎡)4.5
Filtration Velocity (m/h/㎡)8~15
Feed Water QualitySS≤30mg/L
Permeate QualitySS≤10mg/L
Backwashing Consumption (L/Disc/Cycle)30
Backwashing Pressure (bar)6~8
Head Loss (mm)50~200
Backwashing Cycle (min)1~3
Operating PressureGravity filtration

Working principle

The operating state of the rotary disc filter is consist of filtering and backflushing(sludge discharge) processes, which are relatively
independent but running simultaneously at different parts of the filter.
a.Filtering:Raw water fills into the central cylinder under the gravity, and distributed to the inner cavity of filter discs through the upper cylinder holes. Clean water pass through the disc cloth and flows to the filter outlet, while the particles or solids are intercepted inside the filter discs. Filter discs are stood still during filtering process.
b.Backflushing:With the accumulation of particles and solids inside the filter discs, tank water level gradually raised. When the water level reachs a predetermined line of backflushing, PLC control system starts backflushing cycle. Filter central cylinder and discs driven by the motor rotated at a speed of 1~3 rpm, while the backwashing pump started, pumping clean water to the top umbrella nozzles, flushing the disc cloth from outside to inside. Since the particles and solids are removed from the disc cloth and discharged from the drain manifold. Nozzles move up and down during backflushing cycle, great saving of water consumption and cleaning without dead corners. Filter backflushing times and duration can be adjustable according to the plant situation, and it continuous filtering without an interruption during backflushing.

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